"You're like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness"

'I reject your reality and subsitute my own'


the girl
student. lives in one of the coldest states in australia.
extremely shy but is bouncy and chatty once she gets to know someone.
spoilerphobe. loves various animals and ninjas... and absolutely lives for music ♥.

the tv shows.
supernatural. doctor who. bones. the office (us). merlin. dexter. mythbusters. torchwood.
fringe. house. talkin' bout your generation. the project. law and order: svu. modern family.
neighbours. the simpsons. top gear uk. masterchef australia. ncis. sherlock.

the music.
30 seconds to mars. linkin park. kisschasy. metallica. paramore. my chemical romance. parabelle. gyroscope.
red. jimmy eat world. chevelle. skillet. sick puppies. fuel. foo fighters. the used. 3 doors down. breaking benjamin.
32 leaves. faktion. default. nirvana. nickleback. saosin. trapt. crossfade. fall out boy. disturbed. for the taking.
freestate. tripod. one less reason. pillar. vaeda.

the credits.
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Disclaimer: I like SPN - but I'm not crazy. So if you're one of them take your crazy elsewhere.

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